About me:

Gina Hatcher RN,BSN PCES

Welcome!  I am so happy that you took a moment to check out my program. I’m guessing  if you are here,  you have at least a suspicion that you may have a problem with your core. If I am correct then you are in good company. I had issues with a diastasis and core weakness, as well. I knew there was a problem after both pregnancies but couldn’t seem to find the right professional to help me. 

I am a mom of two children. After both c- sections, I just couldn’t get my body to where it was post pregnancy.  I tried diet and exercise and saw no improvement.  Through a routine appointment with my OBGYN, she happened to mention in passing that I had a diastasis and that probably was the problem. OK GREAT! I have a reason. SO, now how do I fix it? I tried a few avenues she recommended  to correct the problem and again saw little to no improvement.  Feeling very frustrated and determined to fix the problem I started to try and find ad solution to the problem. 

I corrected my diastasis using the Tupler method. Upon telling  friends about my journey, I came to realize that a lot of women were dealing with the same things I was. Empowered to bring a non-surgical diastasis solution to women I was certified with Julie tupler of the  Tupler Technique®.  After training with Julie, it ignited a desire to learn more about women’s health and I became a postpartum corrective exercise specialist with Dr Sarah Duvall of core exercise solutions. 

It is through my own journey and starting ZipCore that I have found a love of women’s health and a desire to bring core rehabilitation to other women who have had a similar journey. Mother’s give so much of themselves to their families every day. It is because of that, I want to help women empower themselves to get their core and body feeling like they did pre pregnancy.