Gina Hatcher R.N. BSN is a practicing pediatric nurse with a background in dialysis and cardiology at Boston Children’s Hospital for the past 18 years.  She is a wife and a mother to 2 amazing children in the Metrowest area. Gina had frequent back pain post both pregnancies and discovered that a diastasis recti was the cause of the problem. She attempted to correct the diastasis through physical therapy for 6months with no relief. Through the Tupler Technique®, Gina was able to quickly correct her diastasis easily and non surgically. Her back pain is completely gone and regular activities of daily living are easy now. This dramatic change in her quality of life has ignited an interest and passion to bring this education to her area and help people with this similar affliction. She has trained in NYC with Julie Tupler R.N.  She has since become the founder of the private practice, ZipCore and is excited to help all people reverse their diastasis and help them to develop a stronger, flatter core.